Staff Editorial: Seniority noes not equal entitlement

  The seniors own the bench. And the front row risers of pep club. And the back seats of the bus. Like dogs foaming at the mouth, they’ll defend their territory with barked words and bared teeth. But, what did they do to deserve this right?

  Some will say they went through four years of torture. Four years of studying, sleepless nights, and teenage drama. They’re allowed to own that bench, and that section of risers, and those seats in the back of the bus. Are they allowed to yell at underclassmen for sitting there? Are they allowed to rip freshmen off the the front row risers at basketball games? Should seniority equal entitlement when it can so easily become exclusion?

  Warsaw takes pride in its tradition, and it’s undeniable that seniority plays a large part in this, but it’s time that Warsaw High changed its morals. Seniors should be setting the example and being kind to the underclassmen, not making them feel excluded on their own turf.

  Feeling entitled is what kept the previous senior class from winning the coveted Homecoming spirit class award. While seniors winning homecoming spirit week is a tradition, it’s only because of the effort and energy that the senior class puts into it. Last year’s seniors were so used to the senior class winning that they stopped trying, and as a result, the junior class took the win. Seniors should not feel like they will get trophies handed to them because of their seniority rank, but must set examples of what school spirit is and work for it.

  Seniors only have a few more months before they’ll be thrust into a world where no one knows their name. They’ll be stumbling around blindly, hoping that there will be someone there to show them the ropes. Breaking the cycle is vital to the growth of the seniors and the inclusion of the underclassmen.

  Instead of trying to lead the pack, seniors should join the pack and unite the classes through school spirit and inclusion. We need to stop acting like dogs fighting over a bone and join together as the proud and spirited wildcats we’ve been raised to be.