Seniors celebrate baccalaureate, earn awards

  After seniors participated in the baccalaureate ceremony, they were recognized for their achievements by faculty and received scholarships to further their education.


  Owen Howard received the certificate of participation and dual credit in automotive, ASE student certification in electrical and engine performance.

  Nicklaus Phillips received a certificate of participation in building trades and Tristan Phillips received a certificate of achievement in building trades, dual credit and a career passport.

  Jazzlyn Kurtenbach received the certificate of achievement and dual credit in criminal justice, American Red Cross CPR certification, certification in arrest procedures, firearm safety, officer well-being and mental health, racial profiling, and managing traffic stops. She also earned the criminal justice academic performance certificate.

  Daryl Meldrum received the certificate of participation and dual credit in early childhood careers.

 Elijah Dillon and Daniel Harris received certificates of achievement in graphic design. Daniel also received dual credit and a career passport

  Logan Neth received certificate of achievement, dual credit and a career passport for industrial maintenance. Rusty Johnson received certificate of participation in machine tool precision technology. Nathaniel Rushing received the certificate of achievement, dual credit and a career passport in precision machining.

  Eric Smith received the certificate of participation and dual credit in welding. Eric also received the CareerSafe certificate, Jagger Stevenson received the certificate of participation and a CareerSafe certificate in welding.


  National Honor Society members were awarded collars and cords to wear at graduation. They included: Ashton Adams, Drew Dawson, Rayne Faulconer, Makenzie Hensley, Madalyn Keeton, Dallas Larsen, Kylee Myers, Tyler Simons, Emily Stantorf, Cody Wilson, Caitlin Easter (president), Cash Miller (vice president), Brooke Jelinek (secretary), Kyra Kleihauer (treasurer), and Hannah Chapman (parliamentarian/historian).

Eagle Scouts

  Graduating Eagle Scouts were awarded with graduation cords. They included: Ryan Sprouse, Nate Fauquier, Colter Hetherington and Rayne Faulconer.

Language Arts

  The outstanding senior writer award was earned by Drew Dawson.


  Yearbook editor-in-chief Kyra Kleihauer received a medal and certificate. Web/features editor Drew Dawson and sports editor Tyler Simons also received medals and certificates.  Quill and Scroll cords were awarded to Kylee Creach, Kyra Kleihauer, Madison Rozzel, Drew Dawson, and Tyler Simons.


  The pottery award went to Brooke Jelinek, and the portfolio award was given to Molly Baumhoff.

Student Council

  Student Council members were recognized with graduation cords. Cash Miller (senior class treasurer), Rayne Faulconer and Cody Wilson, received maroon graduation cords and first-year student council medals. Maroon graduation cords went to senior class officers Mikayla Andrews (president), Drew Dawson (vice president), Kylee Myers (secretary),  and representatives Rayne Faulconer, Alexis Harris, Brooke Jelinek and Kyra Kleihauer. Silver cords were awarded to Student Council officers, Hannah Chapman (president) and Jayden Schepker (secretary).


   Rusty Johnson earned an honorary medal for set construction. Madi Rozzel received a letter. Caitlin Easter received a speech letter bar, a state speech medal, and she was voted by the speech team as the Most Valuable Speaker. She was also the highest-point senior.


  Calculus I award went to Caitlin Easter. Cody Wilson and Makenzie Hensley were honored for their participation in math club. Wilson lettered in math club all four years.

A+ Certificates and Cords

 A+ cords were awarded to Ashton Adams, Makayla Andrews, Warren Auge, Hannah Chapman, Kylee Creach, Drew Dawson, Caitlin Easter, Zoe Eledge, Mariah Ethridge, Rayne Faulconer, Nate Fauquier, Gabby Flores, Keegan Glenn, Triston Good, Daniel Harris, Briar Heavener, Colter Hetherington, Brooke Jeilnek, Rusty Johnson, Madalyn Keeton, Kyra Kleihauer, Riley Kreisel, Jazzlyn Kurtenbach, Dallas Larsen, Daryl Meldrum, Cash Miller, Kylee Myers, Lee Newell, Tristan Phillips, Cora Rodgers, Nathaniel Rushing, Jayden Schepker, Tyler Simons, Cody Wilson.


  Keegan Glenn and Brooke Jelinek received the Parsons Awards for sportsmanship. Dallas Larsen won the Lumpe Award and Hannah Chapman won the Downing Award. The male athlete of the year was Nate Fauquier.

  Ironman awards for their senior year went to Cole Branson, Kegan Glenn and Nate Fauquier. Ironman/Ironwoman trophies for four-year winners were given to Hanah Chapman, Dallas Larsen and Ryan Sprouse.


  Seniors were awarded approximately $800,000 in scholarships to continue their education.  Those receiving scholarships included:

  Ashton Adams, Mikayla Andrews, Warren Auge, Kylee Creach, Mariah Ethridge, Nathaniel Fauquier, Daryl Meldrum, Lee Newell, Tristan Phillips, Cora Rodgers, Jayden Schepker, Tyler Simons, Keegan Glenn, Triston Good, Daniel Harris, Devin Johnson, Madalyn Keeton, each received the A+ Scholarship which is worth up to an average of $7,500 per year.

  Ryan Burks received a MWI Scholarship, $1,000.

  Hannah Chapman received A+ Scholarship, worth $7,500 and the Sonic Drive In Scholarship, $500.

  Drew Dawson received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Daniel E. McMillin and Jesse L. Hockett Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Fajen Foundation Scholarship, $1,000.

  Caitlin Easter received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Belcher Scholarship, $1,000; UMKC Curators, $3,500; UMKC Trustee’s Finalist, $1,500; The Hagan Scholarship, a full ride scholarship.

  Zoe Eledge received A+ Scholarship, $7,500, Music Performance Scholarship, $1,350, Jasper and Martha Ann Breshears Memorial Scholarship.

  Rayne Faulconer received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; AFA Scholarship, $3,200; Central Missouri Ag Club Scholarship, $550; First United Methodist Church Memorial Scholarship, $500; Warsaw Leathernecks Detachment #1254, $500; Warsaw Friends of FFA Booster Club Scholarship, $800; Youth in Ag Scholarship, $500; Warsaw MFA Oil Scholarship, $2,000; Benton County Cattlemen’s Scholarship, $1,000; Missouri Cattlemen’s Scholarship, $1,000.

  Gabriella Flores received Floyd and Edna Davis Scholarship, $1,500; Warsaw School Alumni Scholarship, $1,000; WARM House Scholarship, $1,000; Mary Lay Scholarship, $400.

  Briar Heavener received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Luerena Mathewson See Scholarship, $1,000.

  Makenzie Hensley received Board of Trustees Scholars Award, $30,000; SBU Residency Grant, $10,000; Federal PELL Grant, $23,680; SBU Grant, $27,480.

  Colter Hetherington received the First United Methodist Church Memorial Scholarship, $400; A+ Scholarship, $7,500.

  Brooke Jelinek received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Harper Educational Scholarship, $500; Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship, $100; Floyd and Edna Davis Scholarhsip, $1,500; Warsaw Alumni Scholarship, $1,00; BDL Scholarship, $750.

  Rusty Johnson received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Warsaw Friends of FFA Booster Club Scholarship, $450.

  Kyra J. Kleihauer received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Chancellor’s Scholar Award, $10,000; Kinkead Family Scholarship, $750.

  Riley Kreisel received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; First United Methodist Church Memorial Scholarship, $500.

  Dallas Larsen received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; National Guard Contract which provides 100% tuition; The Minor Scholarship, $3,000; University Scholarship, $2,000; Henry Kugler Jr. Special Award, $250; Richard G. Longtin Memorial Scholarship, $300.

  Adrian Marlin received American Dream Grant, 100% tuition.

  Cash Miller received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Lincoln Hunt Club, $500, North Central Baseball Scholarship, $1,000.

  Kylee Myers received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Future Roo, $1,650; A+ Recognition, $1,500.

  Logan Neth received Warsaw Friends of FFA Booster Club Scholarship, $250.

  Nathaniel Rushing received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; Internship with Pro Con running CNC machines.

  Ryan Sprouse received All State Music Scholarship, $1,500; Music Performance Award, $500; Tiger Award, $9,584; Trustee Scholarship, $16,000; Benton County Turkey Club Award, $500.

  Emily Stantorf received Dean Scholarship, $28,000 and Spirit Squad Scholarship, $24,000.

  Cody Wilson received A+ Scholarship, $7,500; The Minor Scholarship, $2,000; University Scholarship, $2,000.