New Orleans brings Madrigal closer together

Madrigal is Warsaw High’s most distinguished vocal music class. Students have to pass a singing and written test to even get into the class. Every other year, Madrigal takes a trip to celebrate their success throughout the season. This year they went to New Orleans.

  The trip gave the group many new experiences and allowed them to be exposed to another culture.

 “The pro’s were going somewhere we haven’t been before and experiencing a culture we haven’t experienced,” choir director Deanna Schockmann said. “There was music being played in the streets everywhere you went. We experienced different cultures with music, food, artwork, and dialect.”

  The trip is bound to bring the group closer together. They were exposed to elements of music they haven’t performed or seen before while learning more about one another.

  “I have found that travelling in large groups you learn a lot about people, and personality traits that you haven’t seen before come out, positive and negative. You learn a lot about one another and yourself. These trips give students an opportunity to perform in venues or either perform music they’ve never been exposed to before,” Schockmann said.

  “Madrigal doesn’t always get along, but we bond over good group experiences. Seeing each other outside of a school setting helps us appreciate each other more,” senior Caitlin Easter said.

  Many parts of the trip were exciting for the group, but everyone had their favorites. Sometimes it was the littlest things that excited them the most.

 “My favorite part was definitely walking around and seeing the culture,” Easter said. “Especially the night that we were supposed to go on the ghost tour, because we got to see some street performances.”

“My favorite part was probably the swap tour because I got to hold a little gator,” junior Rylee Pals said.

The New Orleans trip was something unique for Warsaw’s madrigal group. It brought

them closer together and exposed them to new and exciting cultures.

  “It was a super unique experience that you probably couldn’t get anywhere else,” Pals said.