Courage to grow, learn can help shape the future


Photo Editor Brenna Smith

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts -Winston Churchill

   The last few weeks of school are quickly under way with exams and senior applications being prepared for. Students are wanting to make the last few weeks count while getting it over with as soon as possible. The stress building to make grades perfect and the weight of failure hanging over heads makes the end of the year a very anxious environment.

  The difference in attitude between seniors and the rest of the underclassman is very noticeable to me. Seniors are ready – practically drooling – to get out of the school and into adulthood. Some are even done with their high school career altogether and don’t care about anything except graduation. Underclassman, though, are a completely different story. With however many years they have left in high school, they are all putting in their best effort for passing grades while still excited about summer plans. Some of them have their life goals in shambles just trying to get through the last remaining weeks with enough fire in them to come back at the end of the summer.  

  The ending of a school year is tough for many people. Including teachers and students alike, it sometimes feel as if school will never end. When it finally does, some may feel that they did not do enough, or that they could have done more to have a better year or to get that A in a class. It’s important to know, in both high and low points of our lives, that courage is vital. Never quitting is an essential tool to have, no matter if you win or lose. If you think you did the best you could then set a higher goal for the next year, next time there is a challenge push yourself even harder to do better.

  With the school year of 2017-2018 coming to an end, I hope we can all reflect back on this school year and look forward to whatever comes next. Whether that be moving off to college, getting a summer job, driving, or enjoying your summer off. I can only hope that we all have enough courage to continue on this crazy journey we call life and enjoy every moment of it.