Controversy rises over stricter gun laws in lieu of recent shootings

In lieu of recent events, some people believe that America needs to get stricter gun laws to prevent mass shootings.

  Most of the controversy about stricter gun laws took place after the Parkland shooting, where 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

  Some students believe that the gun laws we have now are not enough and we should have more.

  “I personally believe that there needs to be stricter gun laws. With as many mass shootings as we’ve had, stricter gun laws seems to be the only thing that we haven’t tried- so maybe that is what we need to do,” junior Taylor Bunch said.  

  There are some students who believe there is no need for stricter gun laws.

  “I think gun laws do not need to be stricter,” freshman Bradley Brown said. “They are strict enough, and we’ll always have guns, there will always be shootings.”

  Brown believes that other things need to take place besides stricter gun laws. Examples that Brown gave were arming teachers and having more resource officers in the school.

  Many students around the country have been taking on various tactics in order to get the government to pass stricter gun laws. The biggest one that was well known was the March For Our Lives event.

  March For Our Lives took place on March 24 in Washington DC. Students who survived the Parkland shooting marched around Washington DC calling for more gun control.

  Aside from the students in Washington DC, some people decided to host petitions in every state on March 24. According to the New York Times article, “March for Our Lives Highlights: Students Protesting Guns Say ‘Enough Is Enough,” more than 800 protests were planned in every American state.

  Students with mindsets similar to Bunch’s believe that the events that have been taking place are positive because, regardless of political opinion, students are learning how to properly exercise their rights as given in the constitution.

  Some students would actually march in events like March For Our Lives even though they have never been affected by gun violence.

  “I would rally or march, I have personally never been affected by gun violence, but I would support those who have,” Bunch said.

  On the other hand some students don’t believe all of the rally and marches are the right solution.

  “I don’t think it’s the right solution for what they are trying to accomplish, it’s not getting them anywhere because it’s not what people in a place of government are looking for,” sophomore Maddy Schockmann said. “ They are looking for people to take a more professional and political approach.”  

     Some students don’t believe that guns should be completely taken away, but more things need to be done for a person to get a gun.

  “I don’t think that guns should be taken away, but I also don’t believe that they are strict enough; It really seems like anyone can get a gun,” Bunch said.