Staff Editorial: Today’s generation to face consequences of apathy

  Today’s generation seems to be changing when it comes to how much students care about school and grades. In today’s world, more and more students do not care when they get an F. They will blow it off or they will think it’s cool to get that kind of grade.

  Some students don’t care simply because they are lazy and don’t want to do the work that it takes to make the grade. Parents are not putting it in their heads that grades matter. Some simply don’t seem to value education as a means to a brighter and more successful future.

   To accommodate this lazy mentality, students poke fun by making up sayings that normalize bad academic morale. Examples include, “D is for Diploma,” and “C’s get degrees.”

  Even though the sayings are true, students should not be aiming to get the lowest scores for the bare minimum results. A high school diploma and low-level degrees will not aid in capturing a great job.

  According to an Education Post article, there are many reasons why students don’t care anymore.

  One reason is that students don’t find a purpose to learn certain things. Some people find no purpose to learn certain things because they don’t think they will ever use it after high school or college. Students would rather focus on the stuff that they might actually use in their life after school.

  Yes, you can get by with the bare minimum. However, the work you put in reflects the profit you will receive. By ignoring the opportunity to improve your grades, you are ignoring the chance of achieving a greater outcome from your high school career.

  The school system attempts to encourage passing grades by requiring a certain level of academic standard. Playing sports requires no more than one failing grade. School organizations that take trips during the school day require no failing grades. However, these incentives are not enough to entice some students to care.   

  Grades may not be the most important things to certain students, but caring about education,  in general should be. Having pride in your work and doing it well (no matter what the subject-matter) is essential to becoming a thriving and successful adult. In addition, if you do plan to go to a good college, you need to pay attention to your grades to gain acceptance.

  The consequences of this apathy now, can follow you into your future — college, career, etc. Start caring now so you are prepared for your future.