Speech team pushes for a drama class


Speech kids, are wanting a drama program to have some real competition against other schools.

   Warsaw did have a Drama class at one point, but many students are wondering why it was not kept.

   “It would be a good idea to have a drama class because it would be another option for a fine arts credit. Having multiple plays a year instead of a musical every other would be a good way to make money. It would be a good outlet for creative and loud people. Ag could build sets,” sophomore AJ McMillen said.

  With the Speech Team growing from 6 kids to 12, the speech team is doubling in size. The members believe that it would be beneficial to the newcomers in many different ways. The main problem concerns how the school will get the program started.

  McMillen said the school may need facility updates for a drama classroom and improvements to the stage.

  Freshman Lacey Andrews believes this program would benefit the students’ communication skills.

  Even with these setbacks in the way, if the school had succeeded in getting this program, many students could get themselves involved in a school.

  “There are many reasons that made me fall in love with speech. At first I didn’t really want to do it because I didn’t like to get up there and speak and embarrass myself. But when you get up there, it really isn’t all that nerve-racking and you begin to get used to it.,”  Andrews said. “I think that what’s really fun about it is you get to choose your own theme. You get to do what pieces you really want to do. I also love that when I go to contests, people are usually always nice and I make at least one friend. I wouldn’t trade out speech for anything and it would be a gift from heaven to have a drama class to help build our skills for contests.”

  Of the students who want this class, some haven’t been involved in speech for that long while others have. These hardworking students truly care about the program as well as its benefits and how it will impact the futures of many students.

  Sophomore Alexa Scrivener has been involved in speech for two years to help with her public speaking.  

  “I enjoy it because of friends, new people and the experiences,” Scrivener said.