Fall sports come together to celebrate their accomplishments


   On November 15, the fall athletic banquet was held to represent softball, cheerleading, volleyball, cross country and football. The athletes were given the big awards in a room together, then was broken off after.


  All Conference Honorable Mention: senior Brooke Jelinek
  All District 2nd Team: senior Brooke Jelinek
Awards voted on by teammates:
  Heart of the Wildcat:  senior Ashton Adams, junior Kamryn Yach
  Most Improved: junior Mady Gardner, freshman Rheanna Coke
  Best Defensive Player: Ashton Adams
  Best Offensive Player: junior Jessie Glenn
  Leadership Award: senior Brooke Jelinek
  Hustle Award: junior Abby Foster
“All IN” Award for the 2017 Season: Brooke Jelinek, Maddie Keeton, Ashton Adams, Hannah Chapman
  “This award was given to our 4 Seniors because they based our season solely on Volleyball. They didn’t allow any drama, back stabbing, etc. They tried to keep our team as a family unit which helped us win more games this season because when you play as a solid unit,” Volleyball Coach Shelly Hodges said.


  Records broken or tied:

  sophomore Kya Schepker (42) hits breaks the record of Charlotte Beck (38)
  sophomore Rayni Simons (37) runs scored tied her Aunts record (Geni Howe)
All Conference:
  1st Team: sophomore Aubrie McRoberts and sophomore Kya Schepker
  2nd Team: sophomore Rayni Simons
Honorable Mention:

  sophomore Reagan Shelby
All District:
  1st Team: sophomore Aubrie McRoberts, sophomore Rayni Simons, sophomore Reagan Shelby, and sophomore Kya Schepker
  2nd Team: sophomore Payge Adair
All Region:
  1st Team: sophomore Aubrie McRoberts, sophomore Rayni Simons
  2nd Team: sophomore Kya Schepker

Cross Country:

  “These awards go with personality and performance during season. Most will not make sense as I give them a story when I present them award at banquet,” Cross Country coach Ehren Banfield said.

  Peace and Quiet: sophomore Dalton Brown
  Brawn Award: sophomore Zach Chapman
  Well Read Award: freshman Lucas Culbertson
  Jester Award: freshman Wesley Drake
  Most Valuable Runner: senior Dallas Larsen
  Leadership Award: senior Dallas Larsen        
  Long Shorts Award: freshman Trey Palmer            
  “Co-Captain Award”: junior Maleek Porter        
  Biggest Flirt: sophomore Scott Winters          
  “Not Quite Hannah Who”: senior Hannah Chapman   
  Plantar Fasciitis Award: freshman Haven Collins         
  Flirt Award: junior Autumn Long
  Perseverance: sophomore Kathryn Ricke          
  True To The End, Wholehearted: middle schooler Alyssa Alcantara      
  Dedication: middle school Kylie Clevenger        
  “IN YOUR FACE AWARD”: middle schooler Kaylee Lawson        
   Keeping Coach On His Toes: middle schooler Curtis Breshears     
   Push-up Award: middle schooler Calvin Long            
  Cross Country Family: senior Makayla Andrews, junior Sam Andrews, freshman Colton Andrews        


  All Conference: senior Keagen Glenn (running back), senior Nate Fauquier (defensive line), junior Jake Luebbert (offensive line)

  Honorable mention: junior Kieon Davis (running back), junior Colby Schwartz (linebacker), senior Jayden Schepker (safety)

Team Awards:

  Skilled Player of the Year: senior Jayden Schepker

  Lineman of the Year: senior Nate Fauquier

  Offensive Player of the Year: junior Kieon Davis

  Defensive Player of the Year: junior Colby Schwartz

  Most Valuable Play of the Year: junior Matt Luebbert

  Scout Team Player of the Year: sophomore Zach Chapman

  Most Improved Player of the Year: senior Daryl Meldrum

*All-District and All-Star release date in on Dec. 1.