Trends will define us more after high school


Throughout our whole lives we’ve had specific things that we thought were cool. These trends have changed as we have gotten older. Trends are aspects of our personality traits. According to US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, personality traits are defined as enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another.

  When we were younger, trends did not really have much meaning. In elementary school plastic bands, sidewalk chalk, build a bear, gel pens, color changing pens, and Brainpop were all things we thought were cool. But these did not define us as individuals.

  Fast forward to middle school, silly bands, hair feathers, and smart phones made appearances. Silly band were fun to collect, and hair feathers looked nice, but did they really define us as a person? Were they really going to be prominent in our future? Hair feathers could show others what we liked to wear and look like, but they did not stick with us. Phones have always been popular, but not everyone had one until about sixth grade. These are the only things that will stay with us for years to come.

  Now in the previous few years, during high school, new trends have been started. Phones have stayed with us, and are used more so than previously allowed. Other useless trends have come and gone, such as dabbing, ombre hair, and undercuts. These trends define more of who we are, but will not be with us forever. Phones, again, are the one trend that is still popular.

  Trends we develop after high school will have more meaning to who we are and what we do. They have always shown others something about our personalities, but they come and go. Trends developed after high school will still come and go, but they will have more of an effect on our future. They will define who we become, and how we become that person. Trends after high school will have so much more meaning.