High School Hero: Amee Wiggins

Hard working senior willing to step up and help


Maddie Freeman

Senior Amee Wiggins cooks hush puppies in prostart 2. The class did a fish fry for the principals from the Tri-County Conference. Wiggins feels she would not have been able to accomplish the things she has accomplished without the help of her foster mom, Brandi Fajen. Photo by Maddie Freeman.

Senior Amee Wiggins is always willing to help others when they need it.

  Prostart teacher Suzie Dudenhoeffer  nominated Wiggins as a high school hero because she works hard and helps others.

  “If I see others who need help, I will help them,” Wiggins said.

  Dudenhoeffer’s definition of a hero is an everyday person who goes the extra mile to help those around them.

  “Amee sees positive things in every person, is a great listener, and is always willing to help others,” Dudenhoeffer said.

  Junior Destiny Lee feels a hero is someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make the world or their community a better place.

  Lee and Wiggins previously helped one another lead the River Church Youth group together.

  “I see Amee as a hero,” Lee said. “She is very helpful and nice to people.”

  Lee sees that Wiggins is always willing to help anyone who needs it.

  “Amee is very involved in ProStart and church as well,” Lee said.

  Wiggins is the treasurer of FCCLA, is a member of FBLA, and helps run computers for her youth group at church.

  Her biggest accomplishment has been being president of her Voices of Youth group.

  Wiggins feels that a hero is someone who is always willing to help people without expecting recognition or anything in return.

  Wiggins’ hero is her foster mom, Brandi Fajen.

  Wiggins  moved to Warsaw from Kansas City about six years ago to live with Fajen.

  By being with her foster family, Wiggins has learned that the struggles in life can be gotten through if the right attitude is used and the right people help.

  “She goes out of her way to help people who need it,” Wiggins said about Fajen.

  Fajen does not expect anything in return.

  “I would not have been able to accomplish some of the things that I have accomplished without her,” Wiggins said.

  Wiggins views Fajen as a nice, very caring person to be around.

  “Anybody can be a hero,” Wiggins said. “‘Hero’ is a broad term.”

  Wiggins plans to attend State Fair Community College to become a social worker.

  Wiggins feels that if people lend a hand to those that are struggling, or do a simple task to help like holding the door open, then anybody can be a hero.

  “The small things will make a difference,” Wiggins said.