Musicians compete at District contest

On March 6, band and choir students competed at District Solo and Small Ensemble contest at Stockton high school.

Band ensembles include a trumpet trio consisting of Casey Keith, Kaitlin Foster and Corey Nahrsdedt which earned a two rating along with a flute trio consisting of Autumn Long, Emily Stantorf and Gabrielle Porter which earned a one rating.

Instrumental soloists which earned a two rating include Kaitlin Foster, Nathan Townley, Zoe Eledge, Chris Bozarth, Nate Fauquier, Molly Baumhoff, Emily Stantorf, Alli Thomas, Casey Keith and Wesley Carr.

Instrumental soloists which earned a one rating include Autumn Bauer, Becky Petesch, Madeline Schockmann and Autumn Long.

Choir ensembles which received a two rating include Newman SSA consisting of Johna Newman, Aubri Umlauf, Caitlin Dudenhoeffer, Samantha Blake, Jessica Dwyer, Becky Petesch and Allyssa Gemes,  Yoder 8 consisting of Ashlyn Yoder, Madi Rozzel, Haven Johnson, Emily Stantorf, Aubrie McRoberts, Madeline Schockmann, Caitlin Easter and Cora Rogers, Choir SAB consisting of Emily Stantorf, Haven Johnson, Johna Newman, Toni Turner, Kieon Davis and Will Dornan, Sprouse SAB consisting of Ryan Sprouse, Mikayla Andrews, Naomi Meyers, Cora Rogers, Aubrie McRoberts, Aiyana Chenault and Rayne Faulconer and Choir SSA consisting of Om Netsai, Amber Flippin, Kyra Riggs, Sky Pearson, Breanna Riggs and Kathryne Rickie.

Choir Ensembles which received a one rating include Broderson Mixed 8 consisting of Ashlyn Yoder, Helena Givens, Madeline Schockmann, Suzy Cortright, Kolby Estes, Brenden Dockery, Blake Broderson and Nate Fauquier, Eckhoff Mixed 8 consisting of Madi Rozzel, Alli Thomas, Caitlin Easter, Rylee Pals, Sam Andrews, Lerran Yoder, Tyler Findley and Seth Eckhoff, Andrews 7 consisting of Helena Givens, Alli Thomas, Mikayla Andrews, Naomi Meyers, Rylee Pals, Suzy Cortright and Aiyana Chenault, Faulconer 6 consisting of Sam Andrews, Lerran Yoder, Rayne Faulconer, Kieon Davis, Tyler Findley and Will Dornan and Men’s 6 consisting of Seth Eckhoff, Blake Brodersen, Kolby Estes, Nate Fauquier, Brenden Dockery and Ryan Sprouse.

Vocal Soloists which received a two rating include Ryan Sprouse, Rayne Faulconer, Helena Givens, Mikayla Andrews, Tyler Findley, Cora Rogers, Emily Stantorf, Jessica Dwyer and Kolby Estes.

Vocal Soloists which received a one rating include Madi Rozzel, Alli Thomas, Blake Brodersen, Nate Fauquier, Ashlyn Yoder, Caitlin Easter, Brenden Dockery, Madeline Schockmann and Seth Eckhoff.

All solos and small ensembles which earned a one rating will compete at state contest at MU April 27.