Schools need to do more to prevent bullying

  Bullying is one of the worst problems high school students face today. According to, an organization that speaks out against bullying, over 160,000 kids miss school every day in fear of being bullied. That is a large number of students missing out on their education.

  But what exactly is bullying? This is a very confusing subject as an individual may not believe they are bullying at all. They might believe that they were just having some fun with someone, when in all reality they are hurting someone and actually being a bully.

  The definition of bullying according to, a website for bullying prevention, is any unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.

  This might seem like a pretty clear and concise definition and a pretty visible line to cross, but it isn’t. Take for example someone who is usually rough on their friends, but they all know it’s in good fun. Then, they meet someone new and treat them the same way. The new person is getting hurt by it, but they still continue to be treated this way after saying something.

  This is a case of bullying, and it needs to be taken seriously. As a general consensus, The Wildcat staff believes that most anti-bullying programs aren’t helping schools take these things as seriously as needed.

  Some schools have tried using programs that educate people on what their vision of bullying is, but this might actually be one of the worst ways to approach a bully-free community. While it might seem like a good idea as far as recognition goes, it also tells kids what not to do to avoid getting caught. says that anonymous reporting methods may be the most effective way to end bullying in schools. In a case study by this group, students disciplined for fighting went down by 92 percent. This was because the tips received by anonymous students allowed leaders at the school to intervene before there was really any chance for fighting to happen.

  Regardless of what schools do to prevent bullying, it will always be a relevant issue.