School holds students to academic standard for extracurricular participation

WHS students have a surprising reaction to the academic eligibility policy. They seem to understand the importance of having decent grades.
According to the athletic handbook students in grades 9-12 must be currently enrolled in a full schedule of classes and have passed six subjects the preceding quarter/semester. Also a grade point average of 1.667. Students attending SFCC Vocational School are required to pass 5 subjects and maintain the C- average. Students enrolled in Voc-Tech school for the first time must pass 6 subjects the previous quarter/semester. However a coach may raise their standards if they see fit.
“This policy is very important. Extracurricular activities are extra. A high school student’s main priority in school is school work. It’s important that a student give the appropriate amount of attention to their grades to pass and do well in their classes,” cheer coach Jill Dulaban said.
Students have also come to an understanding of the importance of this policy.
“I feel like they are right. I understand not understanding something and not doing well, but work needs to be put into school just like anything else,” junior Caitlin Easter said.
For students who are involved in multiple extracurriculars, it may be difficult to balance both those and school work. Some students have commented on doing your work as soon as you can and not pushing it off, in order to keep yourself from stressing out.
“Don’t wait to do your homework until the hour before it’s due, you’ll stress yourself out bad,” Sophomore Chloe Lux said.
Other students mentioned prioritizing your work and making sure the important things are done first.
“You need to put as much work in as you can, and prioritize what you are doing. Realize that schoolwork needs time first because other things can’t be done if your grades are lacking, but be sure to give as much time to other practices after,” Easter said.