Artist Corner: Blake Brodersen

Senior vocalist leads with a smile


Maddie Freeman

Senior Blake Brodersen sings “Lonely Room” as “Jud” in “Oklahoma!”. Brodersen has participated in many Warsaw High School musicals and has taken many solos and ensembles to the state level.

Blake Brodersen, a senior bass voice for the Warsaw Madrigal singers, is a talented musician, and great leader in practices and performances. The state soloist has performed in numerous plays and has taken numerous small ensembles and solos to the tri-county, district, and state level: A difficult feat for any musician.

 “He really likes to sing, and tries not to take things too seriously, so he makes it fun. But, when it’s time to work he gets stuff done,” junior Rayne Faulconer said.

  A hard worker and a leader, Brodersen is always working to help improve himself and his section.

  “I always do my best every day when I’m in class. I always work hard, and try and better myself in the new things we’re learning this year with a new teacher and everything, it’s been a different change in pace. Instead of sort of just coasting through, I’m actually learning new stuff,” Brodersen said.

  Not unlike a true artist, Blake gets satisfaction and enjoys his music through improvement and his history.

  “I’ve been doing music since I was probably in kindergarten, so I’ve been singing for years, and throughout the years, I’ve gotten better at it and I really enjoy it,” Brodersen said.

  Playing the role of section leader for the basses, Brodersen is well known and his fellow singers have lots of memories with him.

  “I remember last year when we went to Tri-County Conference, and he slipped on some ice and fell,” sophomore Allison Thomas said.

  When working with his section on his music, he is very humble, and isn’t condescending. Madrigal director Deanna Schockmann has noticed this and is impressed.

  “Blake is very good with positive reinforcement.  I’ve heard him working with others in his section and he is always encouraging.  He tells them they’re doing a good job and lifts them up.  If he does make corrections with them, it’s always in a way that lets them know he’s making mistakes as well and they’re working together,” Schockmann said

  Brodersen sees pursuing music in college as a possibility, although he is uncertain. He has already applied for several music scholarships, and even has looked at some music majors he may want to enter.