High School Hero: Nathan Stutes

Senior takes initiative to help others


Alexis Smith

Senior Nathan Stutes helps sophomore Deanna Garoutte with her painting project. Stutes helps anyone in anyway he can.

Senior Nathan Stutes shows a helping hand for those in need.

  When special education instructor Dawn Hansen needed help after slipping in the cold weather outside the art building, Stutes ran in for the rescue. Stutes helped Hansen inside and stayed with her until he knew she was going to be okay.

  Stutes helps whenever he can. He holds doors open for people when they have their hands full.

  To Stutes, a hero is someone that helps someone in a time of need. Stutes sees himself meeting this definition.

  Senior Rebecca Letcher has been close to Stutes since their freshman year. They drifted apart during their sophomore and junior year, but have gotten closer this year. Letcher sees Stutes as a hero.

  “He helps me when I cry about boys,” Letcher said.  

  Art teacher Jenny Greene sees Stutes as a hero as well.

  “I feel that Nathan tries to help as many people as he can,” Greene said. “It is a great quality to have.”

  Greene sees Nathan help out in her pottery class whenever someone needs help.

  To Letcher, a hero is always helpful, and she sees Stutes meeting that definition.

  “He’s always trying to put a smile on someone’s face,” Letcher said.

  Stutes hero is his dad.

  “He helps show me right from wrong,” Stutes said.

  Stutes volunteers at the nursing home about once a week. Stutes talks to the residents and keeps them company when he can.

  Letcher thinks that Stutes is not recognized enough for what he does.

  “Not a lot of people know him,” Letcher said. “He’s kind of laid low.”