WHS to host ‘Gatsby’ Courtwarming with throwback spirit week


Makayla Mais

Courtwarming coronation will be held at the Boys Basketball game Friday February 10. Prince candidates are Cody Wilson, Ryan Sprouse and Tyler Simons. Princess candidates are Ashton Adams, Kyra Kleihauer and Briar Strunk. King candidates are Anthony Bueke, Austin Gardner and Trenton Simons. Queen candidates are Bailey Sharp, Ashlee Kuykendall and Sadie Friend.

Warsaw’s Courtwarming games and events will take place on Friday, Feb 10 in the high school gym at 6 p.m. The theme of this year’s Courtwarming is “Great Gatsby.”
This year there will be a Courtwarming dance. This is the first one since 2015. The Pep Club has decided to host the dance instead of Student Council. The dance will take place after the game in the high school cafeteria. Singles are $3, couples are $5.
Princess candidates are Kyra Kleihauer, Ashton Adams and Briar Heavener. Prince candidates are Ryan Sprouse, Cody Wilson and Tyler Simons. Queen candidates are seniors Sadie Friend. Bailey Sharp and Ashlee Kuykendall. King candidates are Trenton Simons, Anthony Beuke and Austin Gardner.
Spirit week will start Monday, Feb. 5 of that week with a “Throwback” theme for the week.

Throwback Spirit Week

Monday- Decades Day
Freshmen – ‘80s
Sophomore – ‘50s
Juniors – ‘20s
Seniors – ‘90s

Tuesday- Flash Forward Dress how you see yourself in the future

Wednesday- Musician Day
Dress like your favorite musician or band

Thursday- Throwback Movie/TV day
Dress like your favorite movie or TV character

Friday- Color War Day
Freshmen – Green
Sophomores – Gray
Juniors – White
Seniors – Black