Warsaw alumnus steps in as new coach

Ryan Boyer Pep talking the football boys for next year

  Warsaw’s new head football coach, Ryan Boyer, met with potential players for the 2017 team on Nov. 30 to communicate his desire to re-energize the pride in WHS football that he experienced as a player.

  The players were excited for the new season after the meeting.

  Sophomore Dalton Nickles feels like it’ll be a good year with Boyer and hopes to get some wins in order to eventually make it to the state championships.

  Sophomore Mikel Wheatro believes this is a fresh start and they need to change the culture of the team.

  “I feel like he will help us achieve victories and shows us some new skills,” Wheatro said.

  Boyer has been coaching for 8 years, 5 as an assistant and 3 as head coach at Smith Cotton. He’s glad to be back home, and he’s excited to bring back tradition.

  “I’m big on tradition and pride, this is a neat place to be and I have great memories here,” Boyer said. “I want to try and get us back to winning and get our streak back up. I’m very excited!”

  “I want us to be big within the community, throughout the school and community we want to start the rebuilding process,” Boyer said.

  Athletic director Billy Daleske says that he is excited for Boyer to be here.

  “I expect him to continue to grow and increase the pride in our school and throughout the community,” Daleske said.

  Daleske and Boyer played together at the state championships in 2001.

  “I believe that he will put in his all,” Daleske said.

  Sophomore Bryce Noland thinks Boyer will be a great coach. Noland hopes for this coach is to “bring in some wins.”

   “He can greatly improve our techniques and add new techniques and  also I think a new coach is just what we need,” Noland said.

  Assistant football coach Jared Steenburgen is a long time friend of Boyer.

   “He has roots here and he knows what it’s like to have a winning history. He knows how to get the community involved,” Steenburgen said.

   Steenburgen thinks that Boyer’s style and discipline will translate here and lead to a better year.

  “He will bring a lot of structure and organization, also with having a strict background and specific correlated things from Smith Cotton, we could learn a lot,” Steenburgen said.

  Coach Nathan Parker says that Boyer has probably seen where the program went and wants to help.

  “He wants to give us a different energy, and make changes,” Parker said.