“Warsaw High School Here’s To You”

Historic facts about your school

  • Basketball was introduced to Warsaw soon after 1910
  • The school produced good girls basketball team in the years around 1915
  • In the early basketball days, Warsaw won against Cole Camp- 108 to 8
  • 1916 marked the beginning of a regular basketball season
  • First basketball trophy was won in 1924
  • The first tournament in Warsaw was in 1924
  • Girls basketball lasted into the 1920’s, but soon lost favor and was replaced by cheerleading
  • The first wrestling team started in 1995
  • The school song turned 100 years old this year
  • Warsaw’s first known school district was incorporated in 1837
  • November 1, 1958 a building levy of $1.25 was passed for a school building. The total cost was about $50,000

Source: History of Benton County