Team Bids Seniors Fond Farewell


Annabel Castellano

Freshman Ariaunna Johnson spikes a ball while warming up for a game against Cole Camp.

  For four years of playing high school volleyball, seniors defensive specialist Makayla Mais and middle hitter Mackenzie Weaver have been making improvements to their game, but, most importantly, making memories with their team. The volleyball team wrapped up their season after losing the first round of district play to Fair Grove.

 “I will miss the seniors because of all the memories,” junior weakside hitter Mariah Ethridge said.

  From pumping her up in a game to braiding her hair on the bus, she is going to miss the memories made with Mais.

  For senior night on October 10, the team gave the two seniors a spa day and made them blankets. Juniors setter Brooke Jelinek and outside hitter Maddie Keeton provided a volleyball designed cake and punch for after the game. Head coach Shelly Hodges gave them flowers and had the tables set up with collages of the two from the past four years of volleyball.

  Keeton said the seniors have left a lasting impression.

They have given the team leadership by telling them that there is no reason to fight over stupid things because we are all a family,” Keeton said. “One of my favorite memories about playing with Mac is the fact that we are pretty much the same. In practice or a game when we are mad or frustrated we have the same walk, actions and attitude. It ‘s weird.”

  Mais is excited to go to college, but is sad that this is her last year playing for her team. She will not play in college because she wants to focus on her academics. Her biggest achievement in high school volleyball was “digging and blocking a Versailles player because it’s our biggest rival and it’s one of the best players on the team.”

  Mais enjoyed her years in volleyball.

  “I hope and I try to set a good example for the younger girls,” Mais said.

    With a torn shoulder, Weaver has stuck with her team through it all.

  “I would say I influenced the younger players because I’m a tough person and I always fight through everything that comes my way,” Weaver said.

  Weaver battled with a shoulder injury throughout most of her high school volleyball career.

  As she fought through this season she taught the younger players to never give up no matter what obstacles come their way. Weaver is not going to play in college, she just wants to focus on her academics.

  The team posted a record of 4-21 for the season.

  “This year all has been good. I see improvements from all of the girls. Our games have all been competitive,” Hodges said.  

  Hodges feels both the seniors have improved over the two years she has been here, and they will be very missed.