Editorial: Voters need to realize importance of exercising their voting rights

The importance of voting seems to be unknown. Many people are going around saying that neither candidate in the presidential race are fit for the role, making them not want to go out and vote. Does anybody even know who the candidates are for the third parties?

  The third parties in the race include the Constitutional Party, Libertarian Party, and Green Party. Candidates are as follows: Darrell Lane Castle with running mate Scott Bradley for the Constitutional Party; Gary Johnson with running mate William Weld for the Libertarian Party; and Jill Stein with running mate Ajamu Baraka for the Green Party.

  This is not the only election going on either. Other elections include the Senate seats and House of Representatives. According to elections16.usatoday.com, the seats in the senate are those for Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

  Looking at all the elections going on, moody.utexas.edu has a valid point “Considering how much of our countries government revolves around voting and elections, wouldn’t it make sense for Americans to make their opinions heard through ballots?”

   According to the washingtonpost.com, the American population was almost 313 million in 2012. At least 241 million of these Americans were at least the legal voting age, 18. Of these 241 million, only 195 million were registered to vote. Of these 195 million people registered to vote, only 67 percent cast a ballot. So the question keeps rising, why don’t more people vote?

 Everyone who keeps up with presidential elections, which everyone should, has an opinion on who is the best candidate. If they don’t go out and vote for the candidate they want to win and the opposing candidate wins the election, that person goes out and whines about it.

  Voting is an important aspect to the American society, it’s what makes America a democracy. If those people that do not go out and vote end up whining that the opposing candidate got the presidency, they aren’t playing their part in the democracy. They had a chance to go put their two cents in on voting day. If they chose not to, then they should not put their two cents in after the decision is made. Only if they voted can they whine about the opposing candidate winning.