New food and dress code policies cause frustration among students

 Students are extremely frustrated with the new food and dress code policies.

“I can’t wear what I want when I want and I can’t eat food when I’m hungry,” sophomore Chloe Lux said.

  New dress code restrictions and school-wide food and drink restrictions are forcing students to adjust.

  School administration revised the dress code to prohibit tank tops and restrict the way students can wear yoga pants and leggings. The policy states that “Yoga pants/tights will not be allowed unless a shirt covers their body in an appropriate manner which means your bottom must be covered” also it says  “tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, or backless clothing will not be acceptable.”

  “I own a lot of leggings and had to make additions to my wardrobe so I wasn’t dress coded,” sophomore Taylor Bunch said.

  The middle school already made the rule that a shirt has to be covering students’ bottoms if they are wearing leggings or yoga pants. All the teachers in the high school have been told to address it if seen.

  “We wanted to be consistent throughout the district,” Principal Randy Luebbert said.

  Lots of students think the dress code is unfair and isn’t enforced correctly. Many students also think that certain students can get away with breaking the rules.

  “Most teachers don’t enforce it like they should,” sophomore Maddie Gardner said.

  The food policy does not allow students to have food outside the cafeteria at all. The handbook states “no food is to be taken from the cafeteria.” Styrofoam cups are not allowed either. It must be a see-through cup with a screw-on lid. Cups may only contain water.

  This food and drink policy is new to Warsaw students. Last year, a prohibition on food and drinks throughout the building was not strictly enforced.

  The food policy was made because the lockers were a mess at the end of the year as the janitors started to clean. Principal Randy Luebbert said.

  “The lockers had a lot of leftover food in them. It took the custodians a long time to finally get them back into great shape,” Principal Randy Luebbert said.

  There is also only one janitor here during the day and he has the job of cleaning everyone’s messes in the hallways and in classrooms.  

  Students are very fired up about these new restrictions, thinking that it isn’t fair and that the rules should be taken away.

  “I tend to feel sick if I don’t have something to eat,” sophomore Trinity Collins said.  

 Many students said that the food policy was more easily accepted. According to Gardner, food could be a distraction in class.