The end of an era

Last week is walk down memory lane

Alexis Riga, Web Editor

  I put on my cap and gown for the first time on Friday and walked down memory lane, literally. As I strolled through the halls of North Elementary school, I passed by what seemed like hundreds of little children. Seeing kids that small made me realize that I once was that age as well, but now, I’m graduating. While walking besides my best friends, I look over and notice how they are taking in what seems like a monumental moment. Smiles are on our faces, but tears are also in our eyes. Realizing that this is the end was definitely a bittersweet feeling.

  Passing by the gym where we spent hours playing basketball inside, and passing the cafeteria where we all sat together and tried to eat that dreaded school lunch brought many emotions. Just knowing that I won’t have the chance of doing these little things with my classmates again is heartbreaking. I wish I would have cherished each moment more.

 Realizing we won’t be around our childhood friends everyday anymore can be a hard pill to swallow for some seniors. During the last week of high school, emotions from excited, scared, and also anxious were all felt. The senior class has waited what seems like forever for the big day where we get to walk across the gymnasium stage and receive our diploma, and now it’s finally here. But did we actually cherish each last moment we had during our senior year that led up to this point?

  Looking back on it, we can realize that we have attended our last school dance, our last friday night football game, our last class project with a friend, and many more things. While we were in the moment we never thought about how it would be our last at some point, but now it is. We won’t ever be able to go back as a class and live each moment again.

  I can remember cheering my first varsity football game my sophomore year. I was beyond scared, and felt like the entire crowd was staring directly at me. I messed up a few times and made a few simple mistakes, but being able to cheer next to my friends was one of the best memories I ever made during my high school years. Being able to go back and re-live moments like that again would be a blessing, because I had a lot of fun.

   Realizing that our life is about to change in a huge way is both exciting and nerve racking. Like I said before, we have waited what seems like forever for this moment to happen, and finally it’s here. Not seeing our classmates every day is going to be a hard thing to adjust to, but that’s life. Cherishing each fun memory made in the past and also the future is very important, because it can be over before we even realize it. I’m thankful for every friend I made throughout my school years and also every memory I had the chance of making.