Future culinary specialist gets his start in ProStart


Destiny Lee

Senior Trevor Fajen

Destiny Lee, Staff Writer

Trevor Fajen is a senior with quite a unique passion. Fajen has been pursuing the culinary arts for a very long time and has developed a love for it. He started cooking for his family in middle school.
“He started out making questionable meals, but over the years his meals have become outstanding,” Trevor’s mom Brandy Fajen said.
Fajen plans to pursue the culinary arts in college. He has even been accepted to a few schools.
“I don’t know where I want to go yet, I’ve been accepted to a few colleges, but not many that I want to go to. I want to be a chef,” said Trevor Fajen.
Fajen had commented on his specialty dish being his “ramen noodles,” where he uses the noodles from the package, but adds his own herbs and spices to put his own spin on it.
He had been inspired by many different things to become interested in this field, from family, to TV culinary stars, to classes at school.
“A lot of people inspired me to be interested in this: my grandma, Buddy off of “Cake Boss,” chef Barry Lewis, and the Prostart classes here at school,” said Trevor Fajen.
Dudenhoeffer had Trevor in one of her ProStart classes, where it had become clear that this was something he really enjoyed. He had also taken Prostart 1 with Mrs. Noland. He has a segment on the morning announcements where he shows easy recipes that anyone can do.
“It was evident last year in ProStart 2 that Trevor loved to mix-it-up and try different things, he is very inquisitive and is always asking food related questions. Last year my ProStart 2 students did demonstrations for the announcements as part of their grade, Trevor was always first to volunteer. This year Trevor has started a segment, ‘Cooking with Trevor’ that he plans and prepares by himself. He really enjoys working with the food and showing other people skills and techniques,” Dudenhoeffer said.
His mother has commented being very proud of him for pursuing his passion.
“He is very ambitious, and I feel that he will excel at anything he puts his mind to,” Brandy Fajen said.