Wordsmiths earn respect of English teachers

Senior Rickie Branson

Ashton Adams, Staff Writer

Having a way with words has propelled seniors Rickie Branson and Travis Gibson to excellence in language arts classes. Branson and Gibson were chosen as the seniors top English students of the year.
“Travis has an analytical mind. He does a great job analyzing literary pieces and writing responses to literature,” English teacher Tricia Foster said.
“Rickie has a way with her words,” English teacher Amanda Adler said.
These top seniors have found that hard work does pay off eventually. With ninety-two graduates in the senior class, it’s an honor for Branson and Gibson to be chosen as the top two English students.
“ Skills taught to me through my English courses will certainly benefit my future career, though it will not be directly related to English,” Senior Rickie Branson said.
“ Having these skills will help me in the future because I can write formal letters to businesses, poetry for entertainment, reference papers in college, basically any writing I will need to do I’m prepared for,” senior Travis Gibson said.
The top English students also have some advice to pass down to the younger students.
“ Learn to be attentive to all elements of writing a paper and learn to love writing. Doing those two things will get you far in writing quality work,” Branson said.
“My advice to becoming a top English student is simple, read. If you read enough, writing will come to you just as easily,” Gibson said.