Yearbook editor puts in many extra hours


Senior Marisa Brown

Wildcat Staff

Spending most of her time in room 11 during the school day and after the 3 p.m. bell, yearbook editor Marissa Brown has learned to organize a staff and execute a plan.

  Brown started her junior year taking yearbook class.

  “I thought it would be something different and fun to be a part of,” she said.

  The budding journalist stayed with it to take on the position of editor-in-chief her senior year. Brown lead the way in selecting the yearbook theme “These Small Hours” and planning the overall design concept of the book.

  “When I see the book complete it will feel like our hard work has all paid off,” she said. “The student body gets to see what we have done all year.”

  Journalism instructor Amanda Adler said Brown will be missed in the journalism department.

  “Marissa is hard-working and passionate about yearbook. No matter how many revisions it takes, she is determined to make it perfect,” said Adler. “That is a quality that I cherish in a journalist. That is also a quality that makes for a very successful adult.”

  Brown said creating a yearbook is very rewarding.

  “We get to capture memories to keep them forever,” she said.

  Brown added that she has created many of her own memories on staff.

 “I’ll never forget hiding in the trash can during one of our work nights my junior year,” she said. “I still have a scar from it.”

  Brown said she will continue to use many of the people skills and photography skills acquired through journalism. She will attend State Fair Community College next fall to major in business management specializing in retail and marketing, but she looks forward to taking photo classes and continuing to take pictures in her spare time.