Dedication to agriculture is rewarding for two outstanding seniors

Senior Thane Henderson scoops rocks into the tractor loader. The rocks were then put in a pile by the greenhouse.

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer

Seniors Thane Henderson and Derek Wright are dedicated agriculture students.

  Henderson has taken Ag I, Ag II, Animal Science, and Advanced Horticulture classes. Wright has taken Ag I, Ag II, and Advanced Horticulture. The most rewarding part of FFA for Henderson has been traveling and meeting new people. Wright’s most rewarding part was the experience of the adventure that will help him later in his life.

  “Thane has been dedicated to FFA throughout high school,” agriculture instructor Stan Adler said.

  “Derek is one of the most reliable members we have,” Adler said.

  Adler can always count on Wright; if asked to do something, Wright will do it.

  Adler has seen Wright grow from not putting himself out there to speaking in front of people as an officer of the FFA.

  “My favorite thing about FFA is meeting new people and working within the community,” Wright said.

  “I try my best to get everything done and do it to the best of my abilities,” Henderson said.

  Wright did work when it needed to be done.

  Henderson and Wright have had many accomplishments throughout their FFA years.

  Henderson has been the chapter vice president three out of his four years in FFA and area Treasurer, and has also been on several CDE teams.

  Wright was the sentinel of the FFA chapter this past year. Wright was also apart of several CDE teams.  

  Henderson’s biggest accomplishment in ag is becoming the Area 8 treasurer. Henderson plans on going to college most likely at State Fair and getting a degree in ag. His prior experience and accomplishments will give him the background knowledge he needs.

  Wright’s biggest accomplishment is working on the landscape project given to his horticulture class. Wright is undecided of where he will go to college.