Two seniors finish season with sectional appearance


Austin McCall

Senior Michael Kephart

Kaylee Moody, Staff Writer

  Seniors Kyle Nevius and Michael Kephart finished their high school golf careers by competing at sectionals on May 9 at Richmond.

  Golf has been a great experience for the five seniors on the team. In addition to Nevius and Kephart, seniors Jaime Jimenez, Justin Jachetta-Whitmire, and Thane Henderson played WHS golf. Because of the hard work put in, they have all improved.

 “Having coached them for several years, I have become used to them being around, I will miss practicing with them and travelling when next season comes around,” Foster said.

  They have all worked very hard they play every day and most even play on the weekends to help improve and have fun. The year has gone good for golf, the golfers have improved a lot over the season.  

  “Golf has given me the enjoyment of a lifetime sport,” said Kephart

  Post season can be ended by one bad round and that is what happened to a couple of the players, this was the cause of losing a sectional spot.  Michael Kephart overcame some struggling and was able to shot great and earned a sectional spot. The Osage National course was one of the most fun and most challenging, but also it was a beautiful sight.

  “My most memorable moment was watching a golf ball almost hit Michael in the face and clip his ear,” Nevius said.