Seniors are recognized for creative skills and artistic talent

Senior Carter Phillips works on a painting in his art class.

Abby Foster , Staff Writer

Seniors Payton Adair, Carter Phillips, and Derek Wright have been recognized for their artistic ability throughout their high school careers. They have all been involved with art since they were young.

    “Well I’ve had a passion for art since I was a wee little guy, I’ve really always loved art. I remember starting out drawing veggie tales, and these weird little anime characters when I was around six,” Phillips said.   

    Being recognized for this is a huge honor for these students.

    “These students have shown me that they have gone above and beyond what I asked of them in their classes. Payton and Derek have grown so much over the last four years of being in all my art classes. Carter, being new this year, has shown me in a short amount of time his skills in art are amazing! I’m very proud of these three,” art teacher Jenny Greene said.

    Even though all of the artists said that they might not pursue art as a part of their future career, they all agreed that they will forever continue creating art.

   “After high school I will probably continue art as a hobby, but I’m not sure how far I will go with it,¨ Wright said.

   People create art for different reasons, some create it to escape, and others do it just for fun.

   “I enjoy that it gives me the ability to basically to escape reality and the problems I might be facing. It relaxes me, and allows me to show who I really am,” Adair said.