Branson to use science talent to pursue degree


Drew Dawson, Staff Writer

Performing labs in science class has lead to a passion for learning about science for senior Rickie Branson.  

  “After taking all of my science courses, I know that I can understand how living things work better now. That can help in a lot of ways in life,” Branson said.

  Branson was has been recognized as the top senior science student this year.

  Branson has many memories from her times in science class. One lab she recalled doing in Mr. See’s Bio II class.

  “I distinctly remember playing with a planaria in a petri dish,” Branson said.

  They had to feed it pieces of boiled egg, which Branson thought was super fun until they had to kill it with acetone.

  Branson has been involved in many science courses throughout her high school career, this include Bio I, Chemistry, Bio II, Human Anatomy and Introduction to Biological Science which is a dual credit course.

  Branson’s greatest success in terms of science would be receiving David See’s top student award. She was in Chemistry and Bio II when she received these awards. The first award was a vial of “silver” with a certificate and the second award was a fern leaf with a certificate.

“I loved it! The most rewarding part of my science courses, was how fun the activities were and how those classes helped guide me to a potential career path,” Branson said.

  Branson plans on majoring in biology at Northwest University, her career goal is to get a job working with animals or life in general.

 “I love working with living things and know that there is always something interesting going on with them. I feel like things will rarely get boring when working with these things,” Branson said.  

  “She has done this on her own with hard work, dedication and motivation,” said David See, Branson’s chemistry teacher. “She is a very self motivated student, getting her work done and making the top grades.”