Seniors prepare for big change: College

Alexis Riga , Web Editor & Staff Writer

Finding a way to manage the somewhat difficult transition from high school to college could be challenging for some graduates. In addition to high school being different from college in numerous ways, life is about to change in a big way as well.

  Much of the change from high school to college life is the responsibility factor.

  Academic responsibilities are also much different. Going from attending seven to eight classes a day to maybe only two nights of classes a week may leave you wondering how you will adjust to the changes, as you’ll probably feel “off track” a bit. In college, you manage your own time, balance responsibilities and arrange your own schedule. According to “How is college different from high school” from Southern Methodist University’s website, schedules look lighter in college, with students spending only 12 to 16 hours each week in class, but “you need to study at least two to three hours outside of class for each hour in class and you need to review class notes and text material regularly.” This might be a shock to many students who didn’t really study in high school.

  There are a few tips suggested that could help you potentially be a more prepared student. Randall S. Hansen on advised high school students to prepare by striving for balance.

 It can be extremely overwhelming having to do your high school work, while also trying to figure out college plans, and be involved in the activities you love. If you find a way to balance your life during your high school years, you will be more successful during college and less likely to get “burned out.”

    In my own experiences, having to juggle work and cheerleading into my five days a week school schedule was a bit difficult. Homework felt like a thing in the past whenever I was constantly busy working after school, or even cheering at games and practices multiple nights of the week. After I found a way to work on my schoolwork in addition to being extremely busy, life seemed a lot less stressful and easier, with in the end being a successful student.  

  In addition to making sure homework is still getting done, avoiding the dreadful disease senioritis is another way graduates can prepare for college. Students who fall into the slump of thinking grades don’t matter as much during the last year of high school are more likely to forget about the importance of education, which will cause problems in college.

  Keep in mind the ways in which you can make your own transition from high school to college smooth, as there are various strategies.