Art students compete in contest at UCM

Mykal Albers , Photography editor

   Students were able to take classes and compete in different drawing and painting contests at the April 1 UCM art contest, which resulted in many high ratings.

  Art classes have gone in previous years, but this year is the first year that everyone who went got a rating.

  “My kids did great this year! Everyone got a rating. This was the first time all students had received a rating since I started teaching,” art teacher Jennifer Greene said. “I personally feel the kids did amazing. Their work that they accomplished within two hours blew me away. Great job everyone.”

  In the 2d design contest, seniors Carter Phillips, and Kyle Nevius got 1 rating.

  In drawing model senior Bob Hensley, and sophomore Madi Rozzel got a 2 rating.

  In the fiber contest, seniors Rickie Branson, Katie Lee, got a 1 rating, Kaitlyn Reed, Kristen McMilllin and Megan Barnett got a 2 rating.

  Juniors Melissa Brown, Ashlee Kuykendall, senior Derek Wright got a 2 rating in a still life painting contest. Junior Sadie friend got a 1 rating.

  Senior Payton Adair and sophomore Colter Hetherington got a 2 rating in painting city landscape. Senior Dracie Davidson and junior Frank McMillin got a 3 rating. Junior Rebecca Letcher got a 1 rating.

  Junior Garrett Smith and senior Conner Wood got a certificate of completion for an animation. Certificate of completion was for students who opt out of a contest and took a class instead.

  Many students who went said it was fun because they all got really good ratings on their art work.

  “It was fantastic because I got a 1 rating on my project. It took me an hour and twenty minutes to draw a single window,” Letcher said. “It was good because there were college art professors that were grading our projects.”

  “It was cool because I didn’t think that I was going to get a 1 just because I didn’t really try my hardest,” Wright said. “I think what got my a 1 rating was because I drew little ants that weren’t in the picture I was drawing.”