English club to showcase student work through book, coffee house event

Jordan Plybon, Staff Writer

  Warsaw students have a chance to publish their creative work and raise money for English Club at a new event this semester. The English Club will host a coffee house later this quarter. in the high school cafeteria where their book “The Visionary” will be revealed.

  “It’s an exciting idea and I think it’s going to turn out well. The whole student body is coming together to design and write a book. I have work in there and so do a lot of other students. We’re putting on the coffee house to sell the book and raise money for English club.” senior Mary Porter said.   

  The coffee house event will feature students sharing their writing and art work.

  “The coffee house of an event in which you can share your writing and/or artwork with classmates,” English teacher and club sponsor Tricia Foster said.

  This development is not just held for fun.

  “We have decided to have the coffee house as a fundraiser for English Club and so that students would have an arena to express themselves through writing and art,” Foster said.

   The coffee house event also has a committee of students that help out with the running and the making of it. The committee consists of freshman Jessie Glenn, Abby Foster,  Ally Estes sophomores Mikayla Andrews and Casey Keith and senior Mary Porter.

  “I am on the coffee house committee because I feel like the coffee house will be a nice addition to our school year, and the students here need to be exposed to the artwork and the literature their peers have created,” Keith said.     

   Everyone is invited to the Coffee House and it is free! At this event they will serve regular coffee and decaf with many flavorings to add.