Girls finish last few games with districts on their minds


Makayla Mais

Seniors Kylie McRoberts and Raven Caswell celebrate senior night with their families after the Southern Boone game. Senior night was held on February 19.

Ryan Sprouse, Staff writer

Improvements this year has been a huge topic for the girls basketball team. They have continued to fight and work through the toughest conditions to end the season on a high note. The girls plan on finishing up with wins in this year’s district tournament following the regular season on Wednesday, February 23.

  As for the seniors, this year has been a year to remember despite their 2-22 record. Seniors celebrated their high school career on Friday, February 19, their final home game of the season.

  “This being my last year to be able to play basketball meant a lot to me. I knew if I wanted to have a fun and excited year, then I would have to push myself and be a team leader. This year my coach taught me many values in life – not just elements for the sport, but elements I will cherish as my life goes on and I am thankful for my coaches. This year it seemed as if we clicked more as a team. We are definitely not where we need to be, but we are still climbing the pyramid and I am excited to see what lady cat basketball has to offer in the future,” senior Raven Caswell said.

  Playing by her side all four years of high school, senior Kylie McRoberts also realizes this is the final stretch and reflects back.

  “This year meant a lot to me because it’s my senior year, and my last year to play basketball. Positive elements that I can take away with this year are that I finished out my last year of playing basketball. In the long run, I will miss playing basketball because I’m used to playing school basketball, and when I’m not anymore I’ll probably miss it. I would not trade this year for any other because I got to play with three of my sisters this year,” McRoberts said.

  Small improvements from last year have brought the girls’ record up to 2-22. Even if they have improved, younger teammates of seniors Kylie McRoberts and Raven Caswell have to step it up to fill the shoes of the players that led this team to more wins.

  Without the senior starters, sophomore Hannah Chapman and juniors Erica Flores and Mackenzie Bauer will now have to be the team leaders as some of the only girls with varsity experience.

  Chapman recalls how this year has changed than the previous years

  “I will miss playing with the seniors, but my basketball career isn’t over. I love being one of the leaders of the team. It shows that hard work in the summer really pays off,” said Chapman.

  Along with Chapman, junior Erica Flores recognizes now she will soon be senior for the team and one of the main leaders.

  “I’d never trade a year for another. Whether this season was horrible or the greatest year we’ve ever had, we’ve learned something from it, and that’s why I wouldn’t trade it. And of course this is the last season I’ll be able to play with my big sister Kylie (McRoberts) so I’ll really miss that,” Flores said.

  Junior Mackenzie Bauer is also one of juniors having to step up as one of the leaders for next year.

  “No matter what people have said or think, we have become a lot better as team. We want to make the program better and I need to try my hardest to become a better player myself,” Bauer said.

  Along with the varsity, coach Cody Morgan and coach Alison Durst have really enjoyed this year and can’t wait for next year.

  “I am sad about losing two seniors that meant a lot to us and the foundation we are building, but I know next year will be better because of the work they have put in and the sacrifices they have made. I am also excited to get in this off-season and helping the returning players progress and getting the incoming freshman ready for high school ball,” Morgan said.

  Coach Alison Durst, a former college basketball player at Central Methodist University, also reflects back on this year and thinks about next.

  “I enjoy working with these young girls and  improving upon basketball skills, but more importantly teaching them to be communicative, strong, persistent leaders on and off the court. I am looking forward to improving our program with next year’s girls and Coach Morgan.  I believe that we are growing in a program that could do a lot of good things on and off the court.” said Durst.

  This season was a big one in the development of the program. All that can happen now is building and the team plans on doing just that. Coach Morgan is already planning on next year and can’t wait.

  “Overall, I think we made positive steps forward.” said Morgan.