High School Hero: Hunter Bagley; Honorable teenager represents Warsaw with pride


Photo by Kyra Kleihauer

Junior Hunter Bagley stands proudly as a candidate for Homecoming 2015. Bagley was chose as high school hero for his kindness, discipline, and encouraging spirit.

Autumn Rhea, Staff Writer

 Most teenagers go to school, go to class, and try to keep up with all the homework and tests assigned to them. However, there is a certain student who has attended Warsaw school since the first grade and makes a difference. Junior Hunter Bagley, is a high school hero in many ways.

  “Hunter is always friendly, talks, to everyone, and includes those who aren’t always included,” English teacher Trish Foster said.

  Bagley lived in Missouri when he was younger, and then moved to Iowa. However, when Bagley was in the first grade, he moved back to Warsaw, and he now takes pride in this small town.

  “I’m proud of everything I’m involved in,” Bagley said.  

  Bagley is not only a friendly guy, but he is also involved in FFA, Pep Club, and is catcher on the baseball team. He was also voted Courtwarming Prince, and was Barnwarming king.

  “Hunter brings good energy to the team,” junior teammate Corey Callahan said.

  When baseball season starts, the team can count on Hunter to be there to pump them up.

  “He takes charge, and brings up teammates when they’re down,” Callahan said.

  As a high school hero, Hunter not only takes pride in his school, but he also takes pride in other people who do the right thing.  

 “In my eyes, people who do the right thing, are heroes,” Bagley said.

  Bagley is honorable, but even so he knows that there is such a thing as too much pride.

  “My mama always told me you shouldn’t have too much pride, cause that makes you look like a fool, but this is something I’m proud of,” Bagley said.

  Bagley is not only proud of being hero, he also is humble, and thinks of others first.

  As an upperclassman, Bagley has to leave good examples, and be a good role model for underclassmen. Even those who don’t know Hunter personally, still look up to him.

  “Yes I look up to Hunter, because he is a good guy,” freshman Kyle Strange said.

Strange knows Hunter through his younger brother Riley.

  Along with his selflessness, and perseverance to do good, Bagley also has characteristics that attract attention, and impress people.   

  “My brother is a good cowboy,” freshman Riley Bagley said.

  Along with his unique cowboy personality, Bagley also has a great humor.

  “I think Hunter is a funny guy,” freshman Kinsten Cunningham said. Cunningham knows Bagley from Art class. Bagley definitely know how to make a good impression, on students, and teachers.

  Teachers can also tell that Bagley works hard at his assignments, and tries to stay on task.                                     

  “He does his work, he’s fun to be around. And he always has something interesting to say,” history teacher Derald Henderson said.

  “Hunter is good at problem solving, few kids in high school can do that. He can find a problem and fix it,” Henderson said.

  Bagley is a high school hero naturally, with his kindness, dedication, and great personality, Bagley is a perfect example of a high school hero.

  “I nominated Hunter as a high school hero because of his friendliness and outgoing spirit,” Foster said.

Outside of school, and school activity, one might see Hunter practicing baseball, hunting, fishing, or playing the guitar and fiddle.

  To be involved in this much extra curricular activity, it’s a must for Bagley to keep up his grades, and work hard at school.

  “Keeping up good grades is hard work and effort, it’s not easy, but you got to stick with it,” Bagley said.

 After high school, Bagley’s future plans are to hopefully get a baseball scholarship, or possibly go into the U.S. Marines. After the military or college, Bagley wants to be a conservation agent.