Avoid the heavy costs of Valentine’s Day

The gifts you can purchase for the popular holiday Valentine’s Day can be “cute” and appealing to the eye, but is it really worth spending the extra money on those chocolates, pointless balloons and stuffed animals? In all reality, we all know that-besides the chocolates- gifts are going to lay around and take up space after February 14th is over.

  In my opinion, I think that couples should not only show affection to their loved one on Valentine’s Day, but also throughout the entire year. I understand that the holiday gives people a reason, or chance to not only splurge, but to go out of their way to show their loved one affection by buying an extravagant amount of presents, but why is it that people continue to waste money on the typical pink and red gifts?

 According to the article “Valentine’s Day, by the numbers” by Belle Reynoso on www.cnn.com, the total spending amount that will be reached by Valentine’s Day is $18.6 billion. In addition to that, the most common gifts purchased are candy, flowers, and diamonds, gold, silver, etc. Although these gifts can be nice and overwhelming, the question as to why people tend to splurge on this holiday cannot be answered.

  Rather than digging up loose change to afford these popular gifts during the holiday, there are a few things that you and your significant other could do instead. Going on unexpected dates, writing notes for one another, planning an easy and affordable trip, and buying small or even large gifts every once in awhile are a few ways that affection could be shown, no matter what time of the year it is.

These type of affectionate gifts might be even more special when they are unexpected. Sweet surprises are always romantic. Who needs one day? Why not demonstrate your love all year long?