Upcoming prom season filled with extreme promposals.


Junior Cierra Sawyers said yes to Junior Michael Pierce’s promposal invitation. This will be Sawyer’s first prom. Photo by Mykal Albers.

Drew Dawson, Staff Writer

When people think about a prom invitation, they might imagine the ones from movies were the shy guy ask the girl who’s way out of his league if she’d like to go to prom with him.

  It used to be just a simple invite where someone would say “Hey want to go to prom?”  This social ritual has now evolved into what is now called a promposal. Now, teens use their squad of friends, posters and cameras to ask someone to prom.

  While some might think that promposals are the greatest thing to occur to them, they can also be very unsettling. Promposals put pressure on boys, they think they have to do something big and grand to get a girl to go with them to a school dance, as explained in CNN.com article named ‘Promposal’ pressure intense for teens.

  “Promposals even put thoughts through girls heads such as where they think they can’t ask a boy to Prom because it’s his job,” said Jane from nymag.com in her article “Promposals”.

  Promposals may have negative effects, but they also have positive ones. Some students at Warsaw High have already participated in grand promposals.

  “Yes I was definitely excited to see her reaction, I didn’t know if she would say yes or not but I was definitely excited that she said yes,” said Junior Michael Pierce on his promposal to Junior Cierra Sawyers.

  To pull of a grand promposal it takes lots of time, effort and major planning “I was very surprised at how he asked me, I had already knew that he was gonna ask me because one of my friends told me. I just didn’t know how he was going to do it,” said Sawyer’s on Pierce’s promposal

  Promposals shouldn’t be set to one standard, there should be many. If someone want to ask someone out to prom in a simple or extreme way they should be able to do as pleased.

  “Using Nike pro’s as an invite to prom is a unique promposal; instead of Nike Pro it would say Nike Prom,” said Freshman Chloe Lux. Lux finds this promposal a neat idea for someone to do.

  Some may take it as the invitation to prom is as special as the dance itself and will be included in the many memories that come from prom, as mention in the article on artofmanliness.com.