English Club considers ways to share student work

  English club is in the process making plans for a coffee house and a book to present student work. They feel it is a great way to raise money and get more kids to want to be involved with, not only school activities, but with the English club.

  English teacher Tricia Foster said the idea of this new coffee house is to have a night where students are able to share their writing. There will be a stage set up where people can read short stories, essays, and poems, the can also perform original songs, or display art work. This will be held march 10th at 7:00 in the cafeteria. English club also plans to publish a book that is full of student artwork and writing. The book will be sold for a small amount at the coffee house to raise money for English club service projects.

  ”English club to me, is a time for kids to talk about literature or movies in a more relaxed setting outside of the classroom, and to build camaraderie through fun, yet educational trips,” Foster said.

  Foster is looking forward to have a record of student work for the students to share with their own children someday in the future. She also encourages any students who enjoys writing to submit work for the new publications.

  English club president senior Marissa Brown said English club is a great way to be involved in school activities, and is a great way  to get writing and/or art out for everyone to see; English club is a way to be noticed.

  In English club, they work on their writings and even art, they also get to take trips to see movies and plays, the Renaissance festival, and Silver Dollar City. English club also participates in community service projects.

  “English club is fun, and is a good way to meet new people,” sophomore public relations manager Kylee Myers said.