Students earn $500 for school through Taco Bell foundation

Drew Dawson, Staff Writers

With nearly 90 percent of students making a pledge to graduate, WHS earned $500 for the school in the Taco Bell Graduate for Mas challenge.

  Graduate for Mas is a foundation that was created by Taco Bell to give money away to schools. This foundation is trying to spread the word of education and attendance for success in school. They use celebrities to try and get the word out to teenagers about the importance of graduation, and how a student can live a productive life by doing this.

  “To be able to win the $500 we had to get 30 percent  of our school to make the pledge of graduation,” Laura Cooke Warsaw High counselor said. Warsaw students went beyond that goal with 85.07 percent of the school making the pledge.

  The high school ranked 7 out of 1,235 in the nation in the challenge.

  “We ranked second in our region and that’s why we didn’t win the $1,000,” Cooke said. Everything the school achieved happened all in two weeks. With only one more week there, could have been a chance of beating Berryville, Arkansas and getting first in the region.

   Warsaw started the week after Thanksgiving, and had a total of 400 points.

  “This teaches students that even though we are from a small school we can achieve big things,” junior Noah Long said.

  With the school winning the $500, the plans are to replace the bulletin board outside the girl’s restroom. This won’t cost all of the money; the school plans on donating the rest back to STUCO.

  When a student makes the promise to Graduate for Mas, he/she not only is doing that, but there is a chance to earn points for the school. Earning points for the school can help rank up, possibly even lead to the earning of money or a DJ dance party with a celebrity. There are games, article, quizzes, surveys and even a place for students to check in that they’re at school, these help students earn points for the school. When they earn these points, they can purchase items with them from the store. Some of these items include a t-shirt, autograph or even a PS Vita.

  The top point earners that stood out were junior Noah Long, sophomore Aerielle Cecil and Freshman Maddie Jackson.

  “It didn’t really take long to earn the points. I might continue, but not like I used too. I earned enough points to get a t-shirt,” Cecil said.

  As the first challenge has ended a new one has started for second semester. Head over to and keep earning those points Warsaw High.