Students look back on trends of 2015, find trends to leave behind


Junior Noah Long sports his man bun, Long will eventually shave his hair off to donate it.

Drew Dawson, Staff Writer

 What will the year 2015 be remembered for? From “Whip & Nae Nae” to the man bun, some of the trends of 2015 will stick around, while others should be left in the past, according to students.

  There were many trends that gained popularity in 2015, such as the man bun, “Whip & Nae Nae” dance, “Hotline Bling,” The Dress, Shia Labeouf’s motivational speech “Just Do it,” John Cena memes, DJ Khaled Snapchat and the word “Bae.”

  In a recent poll, 108 students indicated that the “Whip & Nae Nae” dance was rated as the most popular in 2015 with 38.9 percent. Students seemed split on their opinions about the man bun. Students polled indicated that the man bun should be a 2015 trend that stays in 2015 (34.3 percent of 108 respondents).  However, they also indicated that the trend should continue to 2015 with 22.1 percent.

  The man bun is a hairstyle where a male grows his hair long enough to pull up into a bun. There are few students who choose to participate in the man bun trend.

  Junior Noah Long choose to participate in the man bun trend, but not because it’s a trend. He said his plan is to grow his hair out long enough to donate, then he will shave it all off.

  Some would say this trend needs to stay in 2015, but Long said  that man buns are the way of life for guys.

   “It takes a lot of dedication to uphold the bun, and for those of us who started growing it out in 2015, it is going to have to go into this year just to actually make it worthwhile,” Long mentioned.

  Long isn’t the only one to participate in this trend, junior Albert Cormack does too. Cormack takes his man bun to a totally different level.

  When asked if he was going to continue participating in this trend, Cormack responded, “ Well duh. I’m mostly going to have it braided this year, though,” Cormack answered.

  “Hotline Bling” is a popular song, sung by rapper artist Drake.The song is accompanied by a popular robotic-like dance. “The song was good at first but then it got old,”  junior Mykal Albers said

  The Dress hit 2015 like a mind bomb, many couldn’t decide which color the dress actually was, blue and black or white and gold. The dress was actually blue and black. The lighting of the photo, originally posted on Tumblr is what caused it to appear a different color.

  DJ Khaled is an inspirational recording artist and DJ, yet he is best known for his snapchat and snapchat takeovers. DJ Khaled is always looking for the key to success. “He’s the major key to success,” sophomore Jayden Schepker said.

  John Cena was known just as a WWE wrestler but as memes became more popular in 2015, they took over John Cena’s image. He went from a Superstar of WWE into the Superstar of the meme world.

  “Bae” became the new word to describe your crush or lover.

  When in all actuality Bae means poop in Danish and bye in Icelandic  according to “Honestly I have my own meaning for it and that is that my bed is Bae,” sophomore Zoe Eledge