Students Should Take Pride In Appearance

Brenna Smith , Staff Writer

You roll out of bed, pull on some baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt and slump through a day at school. We all have done it from time to time, but this should not be an everyday occurrence.

     Most students love to express the way they feel or who they are by how they dress, but baggy pants and pajama bottoms are not exactly the nicest things to look at while walking to class.

  While it might seem superficial, how you present yourself is important. People make judgments based on your appearance and may take you more seriously if you take a little more pride in that appearance.

  I like to think of school as a business. I dress for school like I would for work. It keeps me motivated and presentable for school. I, personally, know how hard it is to dress nice for school.  I like to dress nice for four days throughout the week and then give myself a lazy day – a day where I can wear sweats and just be comfortable.

  I like to plan out what I am going to wear at the beginning of the week. It makes the mornings a lot less stressful, however student style might clash with the school dress code. Leggings are becoming one of those issues. I contend that students can still be stylish and appropriate while wearing this popular item.

   Some schools have banned them from being worn, and others have set limits that you must wear a shirt that goes below your finger tips when wearing leggings. There are not yet any rules against leggings at Warsaw High, but there is talk among students and teachers whether or not wearing leggings should be allowed.

  An article “Leggings Banned As Pants” from Huffington Post says “the goal (of the ban) is to teach kids to respect themselves and dress appropriately.” I agree that you should be very cautious about what you wear in school and how you appear to others, but I also don’t see the harm in leggings as long as you do so modestly. Do we need an addition to the dress code to force students to wear leggings appropriately? Or should students take the responsibility for appropriate dress upon themselves?

   Students need to have limits, this is the real world with rules regarding your behavior and appearance. Just remember that you are planning for your future. The way you act, dress, and talk sticks out and you make an impression on everyone you meet. Let that be a good one. Plan for the job you want, not the job you have.