Students gear up to participate in their favorite winter activities

Jordan Plybon, Staff Writer

  While snowfall has not been enough to allow for many snow-related activities, other than sliding on the ice, students are still hopeful this winter will provide them with some fun-filled days in the snow.

  Some students like it when it snows so they can do the common activities such as sledding, snowboarding, snowball fights, building snowmen, and many more.

  “I like to sled with my family, because it’s fun,” junior Mackenzie Bauer said.

  Sledding is one of the most common activities for children and adults when the weather allows it.

  “I like to go sledding because it is fun and I like falling off of the sled into the snow,” freshman Electa Good said.

  Some students also like to snowboard, but snowboarding isn’t as common as an activity as sledding since for some students it is not as easy.

  Most students also enjoy other snow-related fun.

  “Sometimes I like to make snow angels, build snowman, or have snowball fights,” freshman Morgan McGann said.

  “I like to make snow ice cream with my sisters, and my sisters and I have competitions to see who can build the biggest snowman,” Bauer said.

  During the winter it doesn’t always snow, so students have to find other things to do  whenever the there is no snow on the ground, but it is still cold outside.

  “Whenever there is no snow on the ground I like to ride and work with my horses,” McGann said.  

 There are many activities students can do without snow like play video games, board games, watch T.V and read.

  During the winter, it is harder to find activities for families and students to find activities to participate in because the weather doesn’t allow it. Some people don’t like to go out in the snow or if it is really cold so they have to find activities to participate in.