McCall second person to receive Jerry Lumpe award


Ryan Sprouse

Senior Austin McCall holds his award with a big smile. He is only the second person to obtain this award.

Ryan Sprouse, Staff writer

   Many great athletes have walked the halls of WHS. Some went on to the next level. Some ended after high school. But only two have had the honor of winning an award named after a Warsaw sports legend.  This award is the Jerry Lumpe award.

  Last year, 2015 graduate Randall Sherman earned it for the amazing athletic ability he showed and his greatness in his favorite sport. This year, senior Austin McCall earned this prestigious award.

  McCall has been playing basketball all of his high school career. Last year, he was one of the only juniors to play varsity under former coach Jared Wallace. This year, under coach Jason Ollison, McCall is the starting center for the basketball team.

  McCall thought this award meant a lot to him. He’s been working all throughout high school for it.

  “It shows that my hard work has paid off and I’m only the second person to get the award,” said McCall.

  The Jerry Lumpe award is only awarded to the most outstanding male athlete who shows excellent conduct on and off of the playing field. McCall has been playing varsity sports all four years of high school.

  “I never knew about this award. When I received it, I was extremely proud of myself. It’s a major accomplishment for a Warsaw High School athlete and I can’t believe I received it. I am just so proud,” said McCall.

  This award has been around only a few years at Warsaw and it is only awarded to Warsaw basketball players who are seniors.

  “Only knowing it has been around for a few years and showing that I am only the second person to get it is huge. I am proud to have obtained it and I plan on continuing what I did for the award on and off of the court,” said McCall.

 Many seniors to come hope to earn this award and plan on playing hard and showing good leadership on and off of the sports field.