Christmas Has Gone Digital

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Christmas Has Gone Digital

Lets face it, Christmas is not the same as it used to be. Lots of things have changed over the years. With the digital world growing rapidly, we see the need to get things done faster. We used to write letters to Santa, now you can just text it. We used to sit down and make out our wish lists to give family members, now you can send it out via text message or email. We used to buy Christmas cards, write a message on the inside and mail them, now you can send e-cards. We used to get so excited to see the Black Friday shopping ads come out in the weekly newspaper, now you can view them online much earlier. We used to take our gift lists to the stores and search for hours for the right gift for each person, now you can sit at home and order all your gifts online, have them delivered, and for a little extra money, you can even have them gift wrapped.

  My personal opinion about Christmas going digital is that I wish things would slow back down. I miss the personal touch in buying gifts for friends and close family members, wrapping them myself and giving a more personal touch on the Christmas cards we sent out.

  One of the things I can say that I miss the most about getting ready for Christmas is waiting for the Black Friday ads to come out in the newspaper. I would then cut out and tape the pictures to my wish list so my parents knew exactly what I wanted.

  Even though I prefer the more traditional way, I will admit that the digital method is easier and more efficient. Students can still put a personal touch on the Christmas celebration while using the internet. They are able to use the elf yourself app, get better deals on holiday presents, and track Santa on the NoradSanta website for younger children. Another good thing about the digital method is you can make Christmas less hectic and a little more fun. Some ways you can do this is by adding your face to the body of an elf on the “Elf Yourself” app like I mentioned earlier, Christmas ecards and online shopping help make it easier to take stress off your shoulders. This way you don’t have to worry about going to the store or worry about going over budget due to expensive presents in the store.

  Being in high school, I am able to appreciate both ways of doing things. I think the most important thing to remember is the true meaning of Christmas, whatever that may be for you.