Pain of finals week can be reduced

Makayla Mais, Editor-In-Chief

Christmas means a doubled amount of sleep every night and spending the holidays with friends and family. What comes first most students would rather forget about. “Final exam” are the two words no one wants to hear.

 According to “Are final exams necessary at the end of the semester?” by The Chicago Tribune (, final exams provide a way for teachers to see what you have retained over the course of the semester. Surviving finals and coming out on top may be the main concern among most students, and forming the best tips for doing just that can be challenging.

  According to “Top 15 Hot Tips for Finals” by US News Education (, making commitments, such as putting off unnecessary social events, studying in groups, and making sure any notes that will be there to help you are in “tip-top shape,” can help make the week of final exams easier. Pacing yourself by separating questions into groups based on difficulty can be beneficial towards your grade, and can prevent the student from panicking too soon.

  Taking care of your health is another big way to make sure finals come and go easier. Eating well balanced meals can help avoid the feeling of being sluggish, and getting plenty of sleep instead of pulling all-nighters can help memorization issues. Signing out of social media sites can help keep a student on task, can create more dedication while studying, and can make sure time does not go to waste, according to “Top Five Survival Tips for Final Exams” by Best Value Schools (

  All that needs to be remembered is that final exams are only for a week. A week of gruesome testing periods leads to the biggest reward- two weeks of time off along with friends and family.