Archers start the season off with a practice shoot


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Freshmen Allison Thomas draws her bow back at practice. Thomas enjoys archery and even qualified as an individual for state last year. “I qualified for state as an individual with a score of 278 out of 300,” Thomas said.

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer

High school and middle school archers have once again picked up the bow and arrows. Practice started November 24 in the middle school gym.

  The team has had a practice shoot in Skyline but has not yet had a real competition.

  Archery coach Jackie Downing thinks this is going to be a good year.

  “I think we’re going to do pretty good this year,” Downing said.

  This is the first year the team has had enough people to fill a high school team without using middle school kids. Downing is allowed to move younger kids up to an older team but cannot move older kids down to younger teams.

  Senior Marissa Brown thinks the team has become more popular in the past year because once students had heard how good the team was they wanted to join.

  “In the two years I have been in archery, this is the first year that we can have a full high school team,” Brown said.

   The team qualified for state last year, with a few individuals qualifying as well.

  “I qualified for state as an individual with a score of 278 out of 300,” freshmen Allison Thomas said.