Students scramble for last minute christmas Gifts

Jordan Plybon, Staff Writer

Every year students stress out about what to buy their friends and family for Christmas

“I don’t stress out when buying stuff for my friends because I know them and I know the things they like, but I do stress out when I’m buying stuff for my brothers and dad because even though I know them really well it can be hard to shop for guys because you can never really know exactly what they want,” freshman Madie Gardner said.

  Online shopping is the newest way to shop, and anyone can do it from their couch.

  “It is convenient because you don’t have to leave your house” Math teacher David Hawks said.

  Shopping online can be good because online is where you find the best deals, but shipping can

be a problem if your item doesn’t get here on time for the holiday.

  “It is very aggravating when my package doesn’t get there on time,” freshman Rylee Pals said.

  One of the hottest times of the Christmas shopping season is Cyber Monday, which is when online stores have giant sales on the following Monday after thanksgiving. “ I got a lot of good deals and things for cheap,” senior Raniece Dewitt said. Some stores that participate in Cyber Monday for example are Walmart, Kohl’s, Kmart, Sam’s Club, Target and many more.

  Black Friday is another hot time to shop during the holiday. Black Friday is when retailers have special sales the Friday after Thanksgiving. “Going Black Friday shopping is crazy but sometimes you get good deals,” senior Lydia Schockmann. This year’s Black Friday held the cheapest electronics available this season says There are ups and downs to shopping at black Friday. The plus side to shopping at black friday stores are the deals, but the downside is you have to fight the crowd.

  Finding places to shop during the Christmas season that have what you need can be difficult. Amazon is in the top ten hottest stores this season according to .

  “I like to shop on Amazon because it is easy to find what you are looking for and having two day free shipping with Amazon prime can be extremely helpful since I shop best last minute,” Gardner said.

  A lot of people around the world just shop at local stores around them like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and other similar stores.  There is one store that many people haven’t heard of that is very popular in Michigan, with up to ten thousand customers everyday. It is called Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

  Holiday shopping comes easy to some but hard to others. Christmas is about giving and it’s the thought that counts.