School Honors Veterans at Assembly


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Students organize themselves as the American flag in the stands while veterans and community members sit below for the assembly. 6th graders were red, along with Freshmen, and some of the sophomores. 7th grade juniors, and some sophomores dressed in white. 8th grade and the senior class dressed in blue.

Autumn Rhea , Staff Writer

 Prolonged applause was heard coming from the high school gym as students, faculty, and members of the community gathered to honor veterans on Nov. 11.

  “My favorite part of this is assembly is the overall respect and dignity,” English teacher Nate Hopkins said.   

   To make this assembly as respectful as possible the band, choir, and school worked to make sure the assembly went as planned. The band played “This Land Is Our Land,” and “Lincoln at Gettysburg.” Madrigal and Women’s Choir sang, “Salute to Armed Forces” and “God Bless America.”

  “I try to program band music that shows respect to the veterans and their sacrifices,” band director Ben Johnson said.

  The guest speaker made a connection with the veterans .

  “When the veterans actually go up and talk is my favorite part,” history teacher Nathan Parker said.  

  This year the guest speaker was Jared Deckard. Deckard served in the military for six years with the 203 R.D. Engineers Army National Guard. He also served three years for the 139th Airlift Wing National Guard. He was also deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, from May of 2003 to July of 2004 as the nuclear biological and chemical defense sergeant.

  Deckard spoke to the veterans and students about three things: his experience in the military, what the military gave him, and why Americans celebrate Veteran’s Day. Deckard said, before the military, he didn’t have any goals. The military gave him some goals and a direction he wanted his life to go. Although Deckard only planned on serving in the military because he could go to college, he ended up going for so much more, goals, discipline, and defending the U.S. after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

  “Americans are some of the luckiest people on Earth, because of all the brave men and women willing to defend our beliefs and have our freedoms,” Deckard said.

  Students also participated in the Veterans Day assembly. The students of Warsaw High School and John Boise Middle School organized themselves in the stands to represent the American flag with their red, white, and blue shirts.

  Veteran’s Day supports those who fought in war, combat, served, or for those who are still serving in the military.

  “Veteran’s Day makes my brother feel important, that’s why I like Veteran’s Day,” freshman Robert McMurtry said.   

  During the assembly, seniors who were going into the military were asked to stand up to be recognized.

  “When they asked us to stand up it gave me chills,” senior Patrick Dickey said. Dickey wants to go in the Army and be a UAV pilot.