Editorial: Extracurricular activities important for future success

Makayla Mais, Editor-In-Chief

  When the 3:05 bell rings, many students make their way to practices, meetings and rehearsals. The percentage of WHS students in an extracurricular activity rests at 49 percent. While some might admit that being involved in many extracurricular activities adds pressure, research shows that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

  According to “Extracurricular School Activities and the Benefits” by More4Kids, parents will see a difference in their students if they are allowed to do extracurricular activities. Benefits that extracurricular activities can bring a student are learning about long-term commitments, getting involved in diverse interests, learning time management and prioritizing, a potential raise in self esteem, contributing to a group and building relationship skills.

  According to “Extracurricular Participation and Student Engagement” by National Center for Education Statistics, “these activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community.” Even one extracurricular activity could make a difference in the behavior of a student. Studies have also shown engagement in extracurricular activities can help students attach to their school, therefore decreasing the likelihood of that student dropping out or failing.

  Overall, extracurricular activities are something students should be joining, and parents need to urge their children to join an activity. According to “Extracurriculars Matter – To You and To Colleges” by Big Future, extracurricular activities play a huge role when you apply to colleges. Most colleges ask for your activities because “the things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you in a way that grades and test scores can’t.”

  In the end, extracurricular activities you participate in should show what you’re passionate about. Extracurriculars can give you new perspectives, and can sometime introduce you to your lifelong passions. Whether that passion is music, a certain subject, a sport, or even a journalism class, make sure you have fun while doing it. Four years of high school isn’t many, so make sure to make it the greatest four years.