Organization spotlight

Warsaw Academic Team prepares for upcoming meets


Alexis Smith

The Academic Team shows off buzzers, they include (front row) Corey Nahrstedt and Stephanie Fisher; (middle row) Autumn Long, Caitlin Easter, Zoe Eledge, Carolyne Nahrstedt; (back row) A-team coach Brian Hrabe, Skylar Breshears, Andrew Savage, Co-captain Claudia Schmitz, Savannah Drake and Nathan Townley. The team works hard at practice every Thursday to get better.

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer

  What if someone was asked what Academic Team was all about? Who would that person ask if he/she did not know? Does that person want to find out more of what A-Team is and if they’d be interested?

Students who are good at trivia questions and quick on the buzzer are testing their skills as they gear up for the first Academic team meet next month.

  Academic Team (A-Team) meets once a week on Thursdays in math teacher Brian Hrabe’s room after school until about 4:30. The team reads from a different packet of random questions each time, giving everyone about ten seconds to come up with an answer and buzz in to get their team a point.The question can be anything from mathematics to social studies to practical arts and more.

  The first meet is November 19 in Osage. The team will compete against Osage, Versailles, and Eldon. This will be followed by a meet on December 3 at California, January 7 at Versailles, and then their conference meet February 20 at Blair Oaks.

  It is not too late for anyone to come join the team. They’re always taking new people.

  A-Team Co Captain Claudia Schmitz said Academic team would be a good challenge for anyone who wanted to try.

   A-Team challenges Schmitz by helping her better her ability to answer questions.

  “There are questions I don’t know and I can learn about those,” she said.

  This is Schmitz’s fourth year on the team and she is looking forward to having a really good senior season on the team.

  Junior Nathan Townley has been on the team for three years. He is the official varsity question reader. Townley is looking forward to participating in his first varsity match.

  The team has some newcomers as well. This is sophomore Zoe Eledge’s first year on the team. She is looking forward to the meet in Osage because it will be her first meet. Eledge practices for the meets by Googling stuff she feels interested in that she sees on T.V.

  “A-Team is fun. It’s always nice to get to use my useless facts,” Eledge said.