Athletes reflect on the benefits of playing sports in high school

  With the competition of being an athlete in high school, there are benefits that come from being one. Some high schoolers play one sport, some play three. Either way, there is a way to benefit from playing them.

  “The benefits are that I get to play the sports I love with all my friends, and there’s always a crowd cheering for us when we play,” sophomore Jessie Andrews said.

  Andrews plays football and this year he wants to play baseball. Last year he played football and track.

  Some of the benefits that high school athletes receive for a successful mindset are time management skills, strong focus and concentration development, and taking responsibility for individual performance, according to

  Senior Kylie McRoberts finished up her last year of playing softball for WHS. She plans to continue into college.

  “You get leadership positions. People respect you more,” McRoberts said.

    “If I didn’t have sports, I don’t know where I’ll be. I eat, sleep, and breathe sports,” McRoberts said.

  Another benefit of high school sports is social relationships. It is very often when on a team the athletes make very close bonds with others. These bonds last for a very long time and even go after until high school is over, according to

  High school sports give a large benefit to all students who play them. Higher grades, expectations and attainment along with greater personal confidence and self-esteem are some of the main benefits.

  Freshman Chloe Lux all notices the benefits from high school sports.

  “You have the family bond with members of the team,” Lux said.

   For Sophomore Dallas Larsen sports have much larger benefit to him.

  “Being a high school athlete opens up a gateway of opportunities for sports, a future career, and scholarships. Plus, you stay fit and healthy,” Larsen said.   

  Coach Paul Thomas himself was a high school athlete. He played football, wrestling and baseball.

  “I love sports and I like to play anything. I wanted to be a college athlete,” Thomas said.

Thomas loved sports so much he would do anything to play sports in high school again.

  “There is no doubt about it, no doubt about it. I wouldn’t just play one sport, I would play three just like I did,” Thomas said.

   Many high school athletes want to continue through college, but the chances are very low. Hard work and determination helps the players to strive to reach their goal.

  There is only a 7.6 percent of men who continue sports throughout college and 7.9 percent of females who play throughout college, according to

  High school athletes gain many benefits from sports. But overall, they help students even after high school and throughout life.